Romance for Change

Diversity, Intersectionality and Affective Reparation in Contemporary Romantic Narratives

This research project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation draws on our previous work on popular romantic fiction (The politics, aesthetics and marketing of literary formulae in popular women’s fiction: History, Exoticism and Romance, FFI-2016 75130P) and has the following general objectives:

To study a corpus of contemporary romantic fiction by ethnically diverse Anglophone authors from an intersectional perspective to demonstrate how these works decentre and decolonise hegemonic romantic narratives through their subversive or strategic uses of romantic contents and formulae

To analyse the interrelations between the intimate stories and the sociopolitical and historical contexts depicted in the novels with a view of establishing the value of these narratives as conducive to collective forms of affective reparation and social change

To expand the range of critical approaches to these romantic narratives in order to elucidate how they denounce affective injustices and inequalities, reclaim affective rights for their protagonists, and imagine diverse romantic experiences and more inclusive and egalitarian relational models